AWP Industries Corp.

Our Services

Logistic Transloading

Transloading from rail car to transport truck

Fuel Transloading

Fuel transloading with the use of our portable fuel Transloaders

Granular Transloading

Granular transloading with our portable Schnell Transloaders


AWP Industries Corp is a fully Functional Transload Site

AWP Industries Corp (AWP) is a 100% northern owned company that will expand in the coming years in many business opportunities by utilizing the 329 hectare of property that is strategical located in Enterprise , NT. Over the last four years, AWP has been steadily developing the property to create new opportunities for the north. 

Currently, AWP has a fully functional transload site that is tied to the Canadian National Railway. The rail siding consists of eight spur lines in RT 31, RT 32, RT 34, RT 41, RT 42, RT 48, RT 49 and RT 50 with a total capacity of 280 rail cars. 

AWP will be expanding into other business opportunities in the coming years to follows. Our desire to grow the north with new business and employments opportunities is our driving force.